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Linzer Sables or Linzer Eyes

These are hazelnut cookies sandwiched together with raspberry jam.  A hole is cut into the top half of the cookie showing the jam within.  Dusted with snow powder.  

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Linzer Torte 

Linzer Torte (or Linzertorte) is an Austrian cuisine with a lattice design on top of the pastry. It is named after the city of Linz, Austria.   It is basically a very short, crumbly pastry made of flour, unsalted butter, egg yolks, lemon zest, cinnamon and lemon juice, and ground nuts, usually hazelnuts, but even walnuts or almonds are used.  The filling is either red currant jam or, alternatively, plum butter, thick raspberry, or apricot jam. It is usually covered by a lattice of dough strips. The dough is rolled out in very thin strips of pastry and arranged to form a criss-cross design on top of the preserves. The pastry is brushed with lightly beaten egg whites, baked, and sometimes decorated with sliced almonds.

Linzer Torte is said to be the oldest cake in the world.  An Austrian traveller brought it to Milwaukee in the 1850s whence the recipe spread over the United States.  It is considered a holiday classic in the Austrian, Hungarian, Swiss, German, and Tirolean traditions, often eaten at Christmas.


187 g butter

125 g brown sugar

 5 egg yolks

200 g ground hazelnut

50 g plain flour

Raspberry topping

250 g raspberry jam from a bottle

50 g or less water

Toasted hazelnuts for garnishing

  1. Mix raspberry jam with some water and stir over low heat to dilute jam.  Once diluted, keep aside to cool. (avoid adding too much water and jam becomes watery)
  2. Beat butter and brown sugar till light and add in egg yolks gradually. 
  3. Fold in ground hazelnut and flour.
  4. Line a 7” loose bottom square pan with grease proof paper. 
  5. Pour batter in pan and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius for 35 min.
  6. Pour in raspberry topping and bake for another 5 min
  7. Cool completely before chilling for a few hours.  When topping is set, cake can be sliced and garnished with toasted hazelnuts.

NB: My Linzer torte is not covered with a lattice and it has a cake-like base.  It is nice because of the nutty hazelnut but a tad too sweet from the raspberry jam.

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